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My Story in Kampung Inggris

My Story in Kampung Inggris

Although i do not understand about grammar and i still learn about grammar, but i want to try to write about my story in Kampung Inggris, because i have gotten best moment there with my new friends. I have ambitions that is i would like to speak English fluently and understand about English language. Finally, i went to Kampung Inggris in Pare, because Kampung Inggris is center of place to study about English fastly. I went to there with my friend, we went to from Jakarta at 15.00 pm. We need 15 hours to arrive in Kediri station, finally we arrived at 07.00 am in station. When we have arrived in Kediri station, we should to pare by becak and Puspa Indah Bus.
When we have arrived there, we were upset should register course place and dormitory, because we do not know the best course place. Finally we got mistake when we selected dormitory and course place. Actually many course place and dormitory in Kampung Inggris. Many good course place and dormitory, but there are some course place and dormitory that is bad.
The first place we visited is so bad and we are bored in that place, cause the place is so bad and curriculum of study is not good. After we looked at the condition, we move place to others place. We should loitered to find the best course place and dormitory. Finally we can found course place and dormitory, the new our course place and our dormitory is Kresna Institute and Access-es. Both Kresna and Access is best to study about English language. Not only my friend, but also I am happy, I am happy because i have gotten the new course place. For dormitory, I took dormitory in Access-es.
The first and second day in Kampung Inggris, i have not adapted with friends and environment. But after the first and second day there, I was comfortable with environment. The matter make me happy and comfortable that is I got many new friends that is kind, I just said Alhamdulillah to my god that is Allah SWT because Allah has given me a kind friends. Both men and women are kind and good. Not only friends, my course place is so comfortable and the course place is supported by teachers who are kind and smart becomes reason for me feel comfortable in Kampung Inggris.
Every day I went to course place from dormitory by bicycle. I rent bicycle Rp 50.000 for two weeks in Kampung Inggris. Bicycle is so important for me to find food, tour, play to friends’s dormitory, etc. Bicycle can be best vehicle for me there, maybe my bicycle has becomes my best friend cause always accompany me everytimes. In Kampung Inggris, we can take program of study English, such as grammer, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, toefl, etc. The cost of program is cheap, average for cost of study English in Kampung Inggris just Rp 35.000 for two weeks. But if average for cost of study English in Jakarta reach Rp 200.00.
I found new friends in Kampung Inggris, many friends come from some island and city. My new friends is so good, and I have enjoyed this place. I honest that my friends there is better than my friends in Jakarta. Then for food there, food of Kampung Inggris is cheap. The price of average food there is Rp 7000, but price of average food in Jakarta is Rp 12.000. Everyday I started study from 07.00 am until 17.30 pm, because I took  4 program that is grammar, pronund, speaking, and grammar HP 8. The teacher there is so kind and they think that their student is their friends. While the student think they are teacher and best friends.
After two weeks I studied Kampung Inggris, I have to come back to Jakarta, cause I have to start study in the campus. When I came back, I was sad cause my friends and me should be separated by the time. Although we just meet two weeks, but I feel this meet like two years. I was happy in Kampung Inggris, because I can study about life simply. I hope Allah will give us free time to meet again anytime.
“ I want to look at your story after you read this story “

Pandu Wibowo
Majoring in Political Science
State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Twitter: @pandu_wibowo
Email: panduwi_bowo@yahoo.com

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  1. hello. i'm glad to find one of kampung inggris' review because of my curiousity about kampung inggris. it seems fun! :) from your review, i just knew that there are lots of english course in kampung inggris. it would be better if they have rank system or accreditation system, so we can choose the course wisely. anyway, thank you for sharing the story! :)

  2. belajar bahasa inggris dengan metode belajar yang menyenangkan dan hasil yang maksimal, hanya di kampung inggris